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Château de Hierges

Modified process from Susan Bloom's book "Digital Painting in Photoshop"
Page 111, Watercolor Technique
Duplicate background twice
First copy (directly above background)
Filter/Blur/Smart Blur (call it blur layer)
[I made this a smart object and used smart filter]
Second copy
Filter/Stylize/Glowing Edges
Call this Sketch Layer
[made this a smart object, then used smart filters to create the b/w sketch. I used b/w; invert; growing edges]
Duplicate background once again, place on top ot stack
Color Dodge Blending Mode
Call this canvas
Using Natural Brush 2/Dry Brush, paint on canvas usining black at low opacity
let some of white show through, especially on outer edges
Switch to Wet Media Brushes/Watercolor Texture Surface Brush,
vary size & opacity and stroke on some detail
Add Pattern Fill Layer to top of stack
Watercolor at 200%
Multiply blending mode, 70% opacity
Duplicate background and place on top ot stack
Apply watercolor filter
Add hide all layer mask
Paint on mask with white, low opacity, revealing little glimpses of watercolro effect in random areas
Hide the sketch layer

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